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Care for your gear

Obviously you like good quality gear, your reading this after all! Here's how to keep it in the best possible condition.

From your boots to your tent, hunting gear can get a thrashing!  Even the best hunting gear on the planet, without the proper care, has the potential to let you down in the field. 

Even the best Merino hunting socks need to be treated right! 

Here's some simple tips to keep your quality merino hunting gear in great shape…

Merino Hiking / Hunting socks.

Merino wool has amazing wicking and antibacterial properties, it is considered to be the ultimate fibre for hunting and hiking socks in New Zealand. Because of this they can be worn days longer than synthetics. First tip; Wash them less often! This can add years to the life ot your gear.

How to wash Merino wool.

Cold Machine wash with a slow spin cycle, you can use normal washing powder or liquid (liquid is better) or do as I do and use a scent / UV free detergent, these are great for hunting gear, just check that your brand is ok to use with wool.

Definaty don’t use Bleach as it destroys the thinner Merino fibres that make Merino the best material for hiking socks. Fabric softener is a no no as it coats the fibers and sorry, the dryer is out. Hang them on the line or as I do, in the hot water cupboard. If you’re washing anything with velcro or small hooks (ie gloves or gaiters) put these in a net washing bag to protect your other garments. Easy.  

Merino hunting tops.

A thin next to skin layer can be treated much like the above.  As the thickness of the woollen garment increases (e.g. our awesome Legend Beanie) you may need to hand wash in cold water. To dry, don’t wring them out, just lay it flat on a towel and roll up. Then leave flat on a fresh towel to dry. 

Zips and belt buckles are Fine Merinos arch enemy ! Always be very careful when zipping up an outer garment as not to pinch the Merino, it can instantly add tiny unwanted holes to your Tops.  

But of course always refer to your garments individual care label.


As always, if you have any questions about our gear please get in touch.

Stay safe!... The Bloodline team. 



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