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Team Blog

  • You smell good! But a Stag smells better!

    We all know that deer have a great sense of smell but find out the ways you can increase your chances of success in the bush.
  • Can Deer see Blaze Orange?

    Wade takes a semi deep dive into the eyesight of deer. What they actually see and ways of avoiding detection....
  • Team member hunts

    This is a yarn about co-founder Jarrod's second Tahr rut hunt, a follow on from the previous yarn.
  • Team member hunts

      The start of winter brings with it high levels of anticipation, chasing rutting bull Tahr and Chamois. Jarrod was lucky enough to sneak two wint...
  • Get Prepared And Dial-In Checking Forecasts!!

      I get a few questions regarding what forecast provider I use when planning trips, so we will dive into what works for us in this yarn. It is by ...
  • Pumped For The Roar?

    Hers is a quick yarn from the BL team, along with an epic roar video!!
  • Hunting video-Jarrod heads out armed only with a camera

    Red Stag Hunting Video!
  • Red stag hunting video-To get the froth levels up this roar!

    Big Red Stag Hunting Video!
  • Hunting nutrition for multi-day hunts

    Hunting nutrition for multi-day hunts.
  • Tips for hunting during summer and autumn

    A few simple tips to help deal with typical summer and autumn conditions, while alpine hunting in New Zealand.
  • Field dressing like a boss

     Here are some tips for looking after your meat.

  • Care for your gear

    How to look after your hunting gear.