About Our Brand

Why are we called Bloodline Gear?  We love to spin some yarns and we could tell you a few stories but honestly,  we reckon our love for the outdoors has been passed down from our olds and the many generations that came before them. Our passion for 
exploring  New Zealand's wilderness runs through our veins and that's why we are called Bloodline.
A mand standing in the bush soaking wet in bloodline gear glassing with binoculars.
How did Bloodline begin? We love exploring the gnarliest parts of New Zealand and any trip to the Southern Alps is guaranteed to be an adventure. On one icy cold mission, we admired the snow-capped scenery knowing that every kiwi should be out there, seeing what we were.
However, we know that outdoor gear costs some serious tin so our WHY is to provide a range of gear that was high quality but affordable so that everyone can enjoy the New Zealand landscapes and remote paradise, while in comfort.