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My partner and myself absolutely love our bloodline merinos. He is always stealing mine as they are super warm and a great base layer. We have had them awhile now and they wear really well and haven't stretched or shrunk like other merinos I have had 👍

"Georgia Hendrie"

Bought a cascade merino and I couldn’t be happier, comfortable, tough and warm. What more could you ask for!

"Jackson Snook"

I used the gaiter I ordered on a road trip for six days in the Canterbury tops. Through that time we encountered Gail force wind and rain, got lost twice in the clash and forced to set up Emergency shelter to try and wait out the weather and get some warmth. Throughout my entire six days the buff didn’t leave me, I wore it from the 4:30 am starts right through the night, it was that extra layer between my beanie and jacket that I needed to keep the windchill from getting to me. The fact it’s longer than most on the market meant I could put my jersey on over top of the buff and then pull it over my face without leaving any gaps between my jersey and face for wind to get at. And it didn’t begin to smell or get rank the entire time which I was surprised as we were pushing long and hard most days. Over all I’d rate it way bloody up there. Awesome kit

"Taewa Lilley"

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