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Pumped For The Roar?



Just a brief one from our team!!



We all know what late March and early April mean. Its time to chase some Red stags, and if you're lucky, for Wap Bulls.


The excitement is usually pretty high around my house this time, but this year is the next level. We all know what happened last year, but with low venison prices reducing the heli hunting pressure coupled with stags possibly getting an extra year of growth. This one is shaping up to be a ripper. Not to mention that the long-range forecast is looking pretty sharp at the end of March at the time of writing.


With that in mind, be careful. It is only a hat rack on four-legs at the end of the day, don't do anything that will put you or your mates in danger. We won't talk about gun safety as that gets pretty well-hammered home, but here are some things that may help out in the hills.


-Before making decisions to carry out late night recovery's, have a yarn to your pal, don't be ashamed to say if you're not feeling right about the situation, if they're someone you actually want to be hunting with, they won't care.


-Big days on the hill can cause bad fatigue. Keep that in the back of your mind when planning any moves. Remember to keep that hydration and good nutrition up.


-It can create awkward situations around the BBQ, but only head into the hills with people you can trust, not just with firearms, but when thing's turn south sometimes, you want that person next to you to be able to keep it; together!!


Righto, enough serious yarns, have a bloody good roar and be safe. Here is a 2019 roar video from the team to get you fizzed up. Enjoy!!

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