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Choosing the best hunting gear

From the Tech Dept


Things to consider before buying hunting socks or a next to skin layer:

Buying the best gear for New Zealand conditions is so important. Merino fibers are some of the finest found in nature. Making them softer, more durable, great at regulating temperature and naturally odor-resistant. Merino wool is superior to synthetics in nearly every way! 

Merino wool keeps us warm in the winter in 2 ways. First, the small pockets of “dead air” caused by the natural crimp in the wool, insulate in the same way as your thermos does and secondly your skin stays dryer so no cooling effect from wet skin yet remarkably it’s breathability keeps us cool in the summer. No hot, cold, hot, cold caused by synthetics. 

Whether your Hiking or Hunting, minimizing B.O. is massive. Synthetics will trap perspiration against your skin causing bacteria to grow on your skin. That’s what you're hut buddies or the animals will smell. Remember smell is an animals primary danger detector, wearing oder reducing clothing is far more important that any pretty camo pattern.

Merino wool, on the other hand, will wick the moisture away from your skin out into the air, keeping your skin dry and odor-free day after day after day. 

If you still need more reasons it won’t reflect UV light, is quiet, sustainable and biodegradable. 

What are the best socks or hunting gear?

We believe the best hiking socks or hunting socks for NZ winter and summer conditions are a merino wool blend, approximately 80/20 and not too thick, this prevents roll and slippage. Best quality next to skin layer is so important, get thin approx 180-200 GSM 100 % Merino for your long or short sleeve tops. We believe our Cascade Long Sleeve Merino top is the best Long sleeve merino on the market due to its longer zip, higher collar and longer back. 

At Bloodline Gear we strive to provide the best hunting gear possible. We also love your product feedback! So let us know your ideas.





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