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Red Stag Roar And Wapiti Ballot

With the Red Stag Roar on the horizon, here's a quick overview of what our plans are and some Stag content to get your excitement levels up.

Jarrod and 3 good mates have a Fiordland Wapiti ballot block second period. This is the first time the lads have managed to draw a block after 3 years trying. To be fair, this is pretty good going as some parties have to wait a lot longer to draw one for the first time.

The boys are filled with anticipation about what the weather and the unforgiving country will have in store for them. Expectations are pretty low and realistic, with not being experienced with Fiordland hunting, the boys will consider it a successful trip if they're out in one piece and lay eyes on some spectacular Wapiti for the first time.

They plan to spend 8 days in the block which is shared with another party of two. They can't wait to spend 8 days in the hills with the lads.

Keep an eye out on our Instagram page and the website for updates on the trip.

Good luck this Roar and stay safe.

Cheers from the team.


Here is a video from the 2016 Roar, enjoy.







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