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Bloodline Gear Decal- Epic
Bloodline Gear Decal- Epic

Bloodline Gear Decal- Epic

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Make your rig stand out with this epic decal. 

Passers by will notice your mean looking hunt rig, but the educated will know you're a hard ass that requires only the highest quality gear because you are epic! 

We salute you.



This Large 55cm wide white Transfer type vinyl cut decal will show off your passion for the hunting and the outdoors while showing your support of a New Zealand brand with Bloodline decals.

  • Clean Die-Cut transfer type sticker
  • No transparent background, just the image
  • 550mm W x 145mm H
  • White
  • Quality Vinyl - Look great for longer.

Installation Instructions

STEP 1-Clean the surface that you will apply the sticker to, with a clean cloth and make sure the area is clean and dry.

STEP 2-Use a ruler or level, to position the sticker in the desired location, using the bottom of the sticker as the reference point, use some masking tape on the desired surface, to mark the reference point of where you want to place the bottom of the sticker.

STEP 3-Slowly peel the back layer off the sticker and make sure all of the logo comes with the front portion of the sticker.

STEP 4-Using the reference point marked in step 2, match the bottom of the sticker with the reference point and slowly work the sticker onto the surface from the middle outwards with a cloth or bank card, make sure all of the stickers rubbed onto the surface.

STEP 5-Wait 5 mins and then pull the top layer off the sticker carefully, starting from a corner pulling on an angle, if the sticker pulls away, re-apply the sticker and start step 5 again.

                          Cheers guys, and thanks again for supporting the brand.